Community health commitment

Community health commitment

A partnership between Moogji Aboriginal Council and Orbost Regional Health was officially set in place when the two met on Monday, January 21, with the partnership confirmed for the next two years.

The agreement between the two organisations outlines each party’s commitments and responsibilities in working together to improve the health outcomes of the local aboriginal community.

The agreement includes detail on the sharing of staff, including general practitioners, nurses, aboriginal health workers and aboriginal health liaison officers.

It also outlines how training can be provided between organisations and also how partnership meetings are conducted to ensure positive outcomes for both organisations and the community.

Moogji Aboriginal Council and Orbost Regional Health have had a formal partnership in place for many years. The current agreement is the result of the efforts of Moogji Aboriginal Council’s acting clinical co-ordinator, Karina Crutch.

The new agreement extends and accurately documents the extent of the partnership.

Present on the day to sign the new agreement was Moogji Aboriginal Council Chief executive officer, Tammy Bundle, Orbost Regional Health CEO, Meryn Pease, Moogji Aboriginal Council’s Board of Management chair, Kevin Murray, and Orbost Regional Health’s Board of Management chair, Narelle Macalister.

The presence of these parties at the signing illustrates the importance placed on the ongoing partnership between the organisations.

PICTURED: Orbost Regional Health (ORH) chief executive officer, Meryn Pease, Moogji Aboriginal Council (MAC) CEO, Tammy Bundle, ORH manager of diversity, Andrew Phillips, ORH aboriginal hospital liaison officer, Nick Martin, MAC board of management chair, Kevin Murray, ORH board of management chair, Narelle Macalister, and MAC acting clinic coordinator, Karina Crutch, following the two-year partnership confirmation between ORH and MAC last week.