New vet in town

New vet in town

Orbost has a new vet, one that can easily see the town and the surrounding district becoming her new home.

Sin McGuane started at Snowy River Vet Clinic early in the New Year, having graduated from Murdoch University in Perth, Western Australia, after six years of training.

While she grew up in Melbourne, Sin had always wanted to live in the country, so Orbost was hanging around the top of her list of preferred destinations when she applied for jobs at the conclusion of her studies.

“My uncle had a dairy farm in south west Victoria where I used to spend all my holidays milking cows,” Sin said.

“In fact I was always going to be a dairy farmer.

“But when I was around 12 years old I realised that was too much hard work so I decided I wanted to be a cattle vet instead,” she laughed.

Though Sin had never been to Orbost prior to gaining a position at Snowy River Vet Clinic, she knew she wanted to work somewhere with variety, and the Orbost clinic is certainly offering her that.

“Horses, alpacas, sheep, pigs, and of course cows. I’ m getting the opportunity to see all of these here, as well as the smaller animals,” Sin said.

She has brought her own two smaller animals, cats, Simba and Bailey, to Orbost with her.

“Simba has only one eye, but he’s a real dude,” Sin said.

“I just love them.”

Sin says she’s settling into her new home and job well.

“I just love it here at the clinic. It’s providing me with some really great opportunities and the people are great,” she said.

“I’ve really only met people through work at the moment, as I settle in after the move, but they’ve all been terrific.

“I only applied for a few positions, because I was particular about where I wanted to be. The people were a big factor in my decision.

“The team here is fantastic. I couldn’t have imagined anything better.

“And already I’m seeing some interesting cases. I’ve worked with wildlife, had a wallaby the other day, horses, cattle, birds, and I’m heading off now to see some chickens.”

But, with a goal of purchasing property one day, her aim is to have some cows that she loves so much.

“I’d love to have my own cows,” she said.

“Not necessarily horses, though. I’d like to have money some day,” she laughed.

PICTURED: Sin McGuane, with her two cats, Bailey and Simba, is the latest addition to the Snowy River Vet Clinic team and loves the job and the area.