Blues raring to go for grand final

Blues raring to go for grand final

Orbost’s “A” grade cricket side has secured itself a position in this weekend’s Bairnsdale Cricket Association grand final against Wy Yung at the Hudson-Alvin Oval.

The Blues haven’t played in a grand final since losing to Lindenow South Glenaladale in 2015/16.

Orbost has come close a number of times in semi finals, with its most recent loss to Meerlieu last season.

Orbost Cricket Club president, Andrew Phillips, says he is proud of how far the group has come.

“It’s always nice to make a grand final especially in “A” grade because that is the one that everyone is trying to win,” he said.

“We’ve got a couple of English boys this season along with three stalwarts at the club who have already won three flags.

“We also have a couple of younger boys like Curtley Farley and Max Welsh who are keen to fix their under 16 grand final loss.

“On days like this everyone has the opportunity to perform on the big stage.”

In such a tight-knit community Phillips says it’s a nice feeling to have the community behind the club.

“It’s always good to have the support of the town,” he said.

“We manage to keep the cricket club going because we are such a tight-knit community and everyone helps each other out.”

Phillips is also pleased with the progress of the side’s captain, Luke Endley.

“He is still developing and he puts a lot of support behind all the boys,” he said.

“I think it has been important for him this season to have players like Scott Mundy and Dylan Jordan behind him.

“He has had a lot of good leadership behind him.

“Scott especially has been very important for the side.

“He has a lot of experience and is also a three-time premiership captain at the club.

“He will lead through his confidence and grand final experience.”

After Welsh and Lee Thomason clinched semi final victory out of the jaws of defeat against Lindenow South Glenaladale, Phillips praised the way the two handled themselves in a tough situation.

“Lee is a very good player,” he said.

“I’m amazed by his fitness and how calm he was through the whole innings while Max’s performance was outstanding for a 15-year-old kid.

“He didn’t play many false shots and was the dominant player in the partnership.

“There was an enormous amount of pressure on them and I’m very happy for them.”

Orbost “A” grader, Lee Thomason, blasted 124 not out against Lindenow South Glenaladale in the Bairnsdale Cricket Association semi final clash at Glenaladale on Sunday. The Blues’ victory sees them facing off against Wy Yung at the Hudson-Alvin Oval this weekend in the grand final.