Bridge restoration’s next step

Bridge restoration’s next step

Those behind the Save The Snowy Rail Bridge campaign were pleased with the outcome of the recent information gathering meetings in Orbost.

The group’s vice president, May Leatch, said she was “really pleased with the comments made by people who attended the two consultation meetings with SGS Economics and Planning”.

“All comments and questions were very thoughtful,” Ms Leatch said.

“Also, there were several key points made by SGS who have wide experience in assessing projects.

“Firstly, the Orbost proposal fits nicely with a long list of government policies that recognise tourism as an important feature of regional development, including Victoria’s Regional Tourism Strategy, and Victoria’s Trail Strategy.

“Another key point was the importance of an iconic heritage landmark such as the Snowy Rail Bridge as a key element in rail trails and for inviting visitors to stop and explore the district. The provision of a memorable and authentic experience is really important.

“Also, the value that the public place on heritage is not just an intrinsic value but can be translated into an economic value for local people and for visitors.

“Marketing is, of course, a key element in translating intrinsic values into economic values and would be part of the plan for the Orbost railway bridge restoration project.”

The study that SGS Economics is undergoing will be finalised in several months time and is being overseen by an advisory group comprising representatives from the government, council and local groups.