New sign for old school

New sign for old school

From 1886 to 1948, Jarrahmond had its own local school. In fact, it shifted location several times before it finally closed down at the end of 1948.

A new sign by the Orbost and District Historical Society has recently been installed to show the final location of the school. This is on the riverbank, a short distance past the Jarrahmond Avenue of Honour.

In 1886, the Jarrahmond School and Orbost School opened as part-time schools and were the first in this district.

At Jarrahmond, the school catered for the children of farmers and farm workers, and in the early days, it also took children from across the river at Bete Bolong.

Families were larger, the land was more intensively settled, and before mechanisation, there were many worker families as well.

Heather Terrell, from the Historical Society, said there is little left to indicate the school location other than a very old pine tree, with riverbank erosion having cut into the original schoolyard.

“This sign is designed to complement the excellent work done by the local Jarrahmond community in maintaining the nearby Avenue of Honour, which has recently been refurbished with extra information signs and some new plantings,” Heather said.

“After the education department decided to close the Jarrahmond School and local students attended Orbost schools, the actual school building was shifted to Brodribb School and later to Orbost where it now forms part of the Education Centre in Ruskin Street.

“I’m sure that this sign will bring back many memories to some of our older citizens who attended Jarrahmond School.

“Also, I know that this sign will assist people in doing family histories of their relatives who lived and worked at Jarrahmond.”

PICTURED: Located adjacent to the B Road past the Jarrahmond Avenue of Honour, this sign indicates the last location of the Jarrahmond State School.