Active and visible in the local community

Active and visible in the local community

The Rotary Club of Orbost, which was led by Meryn Pease from July 2018 until her departure in February 2019 with Peter van den Oever taking over as acting president for the remainder of the four months, has had a good year of fundraising, community partnerships and most importantly has served its local community in the best way it knows how.

The club celebrated its achievements as a team at its changeover dinner held last Wednesday evening at the Orbost Club.

Thanks to the teamwork of its members, the club was able to establish a Strategic Plan for 2018 - 2021 with a clear vision of ‘An active, visible Rotary club with members participating in Rotary projects in our community and globally’, which underpins all of the foundations of Rotary.

The community was kept informed through media releases in the Snowy River Mail as well as the introduction of a Facebook page. The annual events such as the fishing weekend held in March was again well supported, with good fishing and old friendships renewed while the debate between Orbost and Lakes Entrance secondary colleges was well attended - Orbost hopes to have the trophy back in its possession next year.

Many social gatherings were held including movie nights, which raised funds for the local farmers doing it tough, as well as a wine tour of local wineries in the region, which was held in March.

Rotary continued to support the usual suspects through its popcorn and fairy floss stalls at events such as kindergarten and school fetes, Marlo Hotel Woodchop, Orbost Christmas Eve Festival, Australia Day breakfast and the fortnightly wood raffle conducted by Johnny Sanna from May to September.

Children in need within the local community were given helmets through the local police and globally the club continued to sponsor five Indonesian children, empowering them to a brighter future.

The club was one of the major sponsors behind the Stand By Your Farmer campaign, which supported the health and wellbeing of local farmers who are doing it tough through the ‘green drought’.

The club managed to donate just under $18,000 back into the community and humanitarian programs during the year, with a further $22,000 donated directly to the Stand By Your Farmer project through associated clubs of Koo Wee Rup and Camberwell.

Three Orbost Secondary College band members performed throughout the evening at last week’s changeover dinner when the incoming president and directors were announced for the 2019/20 term.

Three-time club president, Don Osborne, commented during his speech, “…at first hesitant to put my hand up again as president, I could not see our club wither away, and despite our now smaller numbers, we achieve big things”.

“I am excited to be president for the incoming year with some changes that have come into play such as weekly meetings gone, now only meeting on the first and third Wednesdays. My aim as president is to get to know the community well and service it well,” Don said.

Rounding out the club’s directorship are Peter van den Oever (vice president), Catrynes van der Vlugt (treasurer), Pam De Vries (secretary), Noel Cuthbertson (sergeant), Peter van den Oever and Kay Stafford (community service), and Bronwyn Llewellyn (Bulletin editor).

PICTURED: The directors of the Rotary Club of Orbost for 2019/20: President, Don Osborne, Peter van den Oever (vice president/ community service), Kay Stafford (community service), Noel Cuthbertson (sergeant) and Catrynes van der Vlugt (treasurer). ABSENT: Pam De Vries (secretary) and Bronwyn Llewellyn (bulletin editor).