Equipment for Bemm CFA

Equipment for Bemm CFA

Bemm River Rural Fire Brigade has recently acquired new safety equipment thanks to RACV Community Grants.

The brigade has been able to purchase safety red and blue flashing eFlare beacons for use at motor vehicle accidents, and anywhere else the public needs to be made aware of safety hazards, as well as at the new helipad at Bemm River when required.

“We have three kits with four eFlares and rubber bases, four cone clips in each kit, one for each appliance that Bemm River Rural Fire Brigade has,” the brigade’s 1st lieutenant, Dale Hodges, said.

“We have also acquired a new Apple iPad Pro so we can take photos of any incidents, email and record items of interest for the reports that later have to be filled out and get weather updates for the area we are operating in.

“All the members at the Bemm River Rural Fire Brigade wish to thank Sarjawan Vijayakumar and Rory Sackville of RACV for their kind consideration of our grant application and also Belinda Casey, of Pacfire Australia, for the help in getting the eFlares.

“The purchase will keep us and other emergency personnel safer, as well as the general public.”

PICTURED: Brigade volunteers try out the new eFlare beacons.