Hair free for MND

Hair free for MND

Six months ago a group of mates were sitting around a table when Mark Glenister told Tony ‘Broomie’ Broome if he could grow facial hair until grand final day he’d give him $1000 for the charity of his choice.

Not being a lover of facial hair, it was a challenge for Broomie, but he did it, and last Sunday Mark handed over $1000. All up though, Broomie’s hair raised $4000, and he was glad to be rid of it when it was all shaved off at the Bemm River Hotel.

His charity of choice was MND research, a disease close to his heart as he lost his mum to it 17 years ago, when very little was known about it.

He also lost his sister, Jewell Young, to MND and his cousin, Christine Eaton, is currently battling with it.

“Mark’s dad also passed away from MND and he’s gone ahead and raised a heap more money at the Marlo Hotel with trivia nights. With his $1000 and about $1200 from the game nights, it was really terrific,” Broomie said.

Raffles and auctions at the Bemm River Hotel on Sunday brought the total to $4000 and Broomie is thrilled.

Not only did he help raise the money, but he was also able to have his head and face finally shaved, thanks to his daughter, Casey Broome, who wielded the clippers.

“I feel like a new bloke, and I think it’s great that everyone pitched in for such a great cause,” he said.

PICTURED: Hair be gone! Tony ‘Broomie’ Broome shaved both his face and his head at the Bemm River Hotel on the weekend, raising nearly $4000 for motor neurone disease research. His daughter, Casey Broome, had the honour of wielding the clippers