Washing and dunking

Washing and dunking

Grade six students at Orbost Primary School have been working hard throughout term four on a number of projects, and in order to fund these projects, they have also been doing some fundraising to save the school and parents from any extra costs at this time of the year.

Among the projects they have been fundraising for are an end of year excursion, a graduation night and a grade six yearbook.

Money was raised using a dunk tank at the Orbost Primary School Twilight Fete.

The dunk tank was constructed by a group of grade six boys with the help of one of the boys’ fathers, Russell Christy.

Russell and Tric Christy, from Christy’s Waste, and Barney and Gail Robertson, from Orbost Plumbing, were generous sponsors of the dunk tank and supplied the boys with all the equipment and the expertise to build the creation. It was very popular at the fete and all the school children loved watching their teachers and schoolmates get soaking wet all night.

On Monday, November 26, the grade six students then went up to Orbost Regional Health to wash some of the staff cars as part of their fundraising with some people in the community also making a booking to get their cars washed.

The hospital’s chief executive officer, Meryn Pease, helped organise the car wash and to spread the word. In the weeks before, four of the students had a meeting with Ms Pease in the hospital boardroom about how the car wash would run, where it would take place, and what the cost should be.

The car wash started at 9.30am with the class washing 20 cars in total, right up until 2.30pm that afternoon. It was a massive, fun, very wet and successful day.

The class of 6V and their teacher, Erin Voss, would like to thank Russell and Tric, Barney and Gail, and Meryn and her staff at ORH for their generosity in helping to ensure these events were so successful.

“This is what we love about our town,” grade six students, Sophie Faithfull and Stella Mekken, said.

“The way everyone is happy to help each other out. We’re so lucky!”

PICTURED: The grade six students thank Jo Marshall and Carina Bills for their help in organising the car washing day at the Orbost Regional Health.