Equine Fusion

Equine Fusion

Equine Fusion, located in Sarsfield, is operated by principal practioner, Tama Green from 9am to 6.30pm, Monday to Friday.

Formed in 2012, this business expanded to include mini ponies, hospital visits and school visits. It is now NDIS registered and employs three staff members.

Equine Fusion is beneficial for participants who do not engage in office-based talk therapy.

It provides social and emotional skills development, coping skills, anger management and re-engagement in education or community.

The team specialises in complex trauma, young people, out-of-home care and women’s wellness programs.

They are expanding the therapy horse training facilities, complete with a simulated elevator.

The staff have multiple qualifications in equine assisted services, youth work and community welfare, with a qualified equine specialist ensuring sessions are safe.

The company was invited to speak at the Equine Psychotherapy Conference 2018, has Youthwise recognition of achievement in contributing to youth wellbeing, and plans to expand into selling certified and trained therapy support ponies.

Phone 0401 603 050 or visit www.equinefusion.net